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Minutes from the Annual General Meeting
held in Kelowna on March 10, 2020

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, held on March 10, 2020 in Kelowna, British Columbia at
Okanagan College, Room C-368.

Call to Order 7:20 PM by Allen Royston

Motion to approve the agenda made by Richard Christie
Seconded by Sally Kilburg
Adopted unanimously

Attended by 27 members; 3 guests
Confirm Quorum: Yes

Motion to Adopt Minutes of previous meeting held on February 11, 2020 made by Jamey
Seconded by Olaf Lutz.
Adopted unanimously.

Motion to Adopt Minutes of previous AGM held on March 9, 2019 made by Kevin Douglas.
Seconded by Colleen O’Hare.
Adopted unanimously.

Election of Directors and Officers:

Be it resolved by special resolution that pursuant to Article 4.1.1 of the Bylaws of the Society,
the number of Directors to be elected at each Annual General Meeting shall be determined by a
vote of the members present, but that number shall not exceed the maximum allowed by Articles
4.2.1 through 4.2.4.
The number of members serving as Directors on the 2020 Council shall be calculated as being
less than half the number of members voting, but not exceeding the maximum allowable.

Motion by David Hawkins
Seconded by Olaf Lutz
Adopted Unanimously.

A tally was made of voting members in attendance at the time of voting. That number being
Twenty-Seven (27), the Nominating Committee could propose a maximum of thirteen (13)
Officers for 2020-2021.

Committee Chair, David Hawkins, offered the following names of members proposed by the Nominating
Committee, each has agreed to allow their name to stand. In all cases, after three calls for
nominations from the floor, no additional members were nominated. Each nominee was elected
to their respective position by acclamation.

2020/2021 Council
President Allen Royston
V.P. – Penticton Sally Kilburg
V.P. – Kelowna Olaf Lutz
V.P. – Vernon Jerry Thompson
Secretary Christine Janzen
Treasurer Dennis Krause
Observatory Director Guy Mackie
Outreach Program Director Colleen O’Hare
National Representative Kevin Douglas

Additionally, the Council position of Past President will be held by David Hawkins.

Our by-laws allow for flexibility in the number of additional Directors elected, to a maximum of six
(6). It was determined for the upcoming year we could elect three (3).

As per the previously noted method, the Nominating Committee provided a slate of member
names they proposed for these additional Director positions. Further nominations were requested
from the floor, with no additional names forthcoming. An election ballot took place with
the following Directors elected.

Director Jim Failes
Director John Kerr
Director Mark Force

Observing Reports:
Alan Whitman reported Betelgeuse is getting brighter.
Richard Christie reported excellent views of the moon and Venus.

AGM Officers Reports:
Allen Royston expressed his thanks for the support he received over the past year, as he
transitioned into the role of President.

VP Kelowna
Olaf Lutz expressed his thanks to all speakers at Kelowna meetings over the past year.

VP Vernon:
Jerry Thompson expressed his thanks to Rob Nichols for his role as Director last year. Jerry also
thanked Dave Gamble for his talk on Mars at the last Vernon meeting.

The 2019 Financial Statements and expanded working papers were distributed via email by the
President on February 5, 2020 to enable the membership to review the documents prior to the
AGM. The three Bank Accounts all ended the year in very good shape:

Dennis Krause reported the following Current Bank account balances:
Club / General Acct: $ 7,730.16
Observatory Acct: $ 38,609.08 (includes $ 20,000 in Redeemable Term Deposits)
Gaming Acct: $ 7,842.24
Amounts Internally / Externally Restricted $40,913.00

Dennis allowed time for members to ask any questions but there were none posed.

Motion By: Richard Christie that the 2019 Consolidated Statement of Revenue & Expenses and
the 2019 Consolidated Balance Sheet be Adopted by the Centre Membership as the official Financial
Statements of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Okanagan Centre for the 2019
Fiscal Year.
Seconded By: Hugh Pett
Adopted unanimously

National Rep:
Richard Christie announced, that after 12 years of serving in this role, he will be passing the baton
to Kevin Douglas. We all join in thanking Richard for his outstanding service as National Rep
for so many years!

Outreach Program Director:
Colleen O’Hare reported the following Total Outreach numbers for 2019:
Events, 61 (DRAO), 6 (Pen), 11 (Ver), 86 (Kel) = 164
Guests, 2155 (DRAO), 1967 (Pen), 346 (Ver) 3858 (Kel) = 8326

Kevin Douglas reported a successful speaker event was held by the Canadian Association of
Physicists and he looks forward to future events.


Focus Editor:
David Hawkins is always looking for articles, so please submit for the April edition.

Membership Manager:
Jim Failes reported that 2019 was a stable year for memberships. Current Membership is 143.

Colleen O’Hare reminded us of the following events:
Tues, Mar 24, 6:30-7:30 pm, Cancer Rotary Lodge
Sat, Mar 28, 7:30-8:30 pm, UBCO, University Centre building: UNC Theatre Room 106
Sat, Mar 28, 8:30-9:30 pm, UBCO, telescopes (place TBD)
Mon, May 11, Rollingdale, 9:30-11 pm (alt dates, May 10, 12, 13)

Jerry Thompson reported that Hugh Carter has volunteered to assist with Outreach in Vernon.

Colleen O’Hare brought books on galaxies and galactic structure.

Main Presentation: Dr. Trey Wenger presented: ‘The Structure of the Milky Way.’
50/50 draw was won by David Hawkins which he donated to the Radio Astronomy project.
Meeting adjournment at 9:50 PM