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The July 2018
President's Message

Communication in the Age of Technology
and the Role of Focus

  The traditional function of a Centre newsletter has been to keep members informed of meetings, local Centre news and upcoming events. The age of the internet has put pressure on this role. Members can now very readily access a website to obtain much of this information.
   So, why have the Focus newsletter? There are several reasons.
* some members prefer information in the newsletter format
* members are often unaware of everything that is available on the website
* information not found on the website can be included in Focus

and one very important role that you may not be thinking about --

*a newsletter documents for historical purposes what is happening in our Centre. If this information is not recorded at the time then the information may be lost forever. Websites are constantly changing and being updated. “Old” news and information is often deleted from websites.

I am not sure what RASC Okanagan Centre will look like 150 years from now. However, at least they will know what was happening at our Centre based on our newsletters. At that time, in the year 2168, I hope they will know what paper and PDF files are.
David Hawkins

To access the complete July Focus Newsletter go HERE:

David Hawkins david-hawkins@shaw.ca