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The November 2017
President's Message


  A combined meeting of the three RASC OC city groups will take place in Kelowna on Tuesday November 7. This is our Annual General Meeting. At this meeting, members can vote for their nominee of choice for the elected positions of our Centre for the upcoming year.
  It is important that all members attend. A good turnout of members permits us to have enough Directors to represent you and your interests.

IMPORTANT: to be eligible to vote, you must be a member in good standing (you must be up to date in paying your annual dues). If you are unsure of your status, then please email me and I can confirm your standing. david-hawkins@shaw.ca

   Nominations remain open for all elected positions up to the time of the voting. Contact Colleen O’Hare, Past President, if you are interested. chohare@shaw.ca

Annual General Meeting

RASC Okanagan Centre
Date: Tuesday November 7, 2017
Time: 7:15pm (note the start time)
Okanagan College - KLO Campus
1000 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC
Room C-368 (Lab Building)

David Hawkins, RASC-OC President 2017
Contact: david-hawkins@shaw.ca


with Anita and John Carpenter

NEW – Eclipse 2017 T-shirts: ONLY available to RASC OC Members.
Anita and John have joined up with astrophotograher and RASC OC member Shawn Berglund to create a T-shirt to remember the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.
The items will be presented at the AGM on November 7 and a sample will be available at that time. Orders will be taken at the AGM and at future meetings.
If paid for at the AGM, shirts will be delivered at the December meetings. (Hey, wouldn’t the T-shirt make a great Christmas gift).
• Short-sleeve, long-sleeve, men, women and kids.
• Colours: black, white, grey
• Cost: $30 for long sleeve; $25 for short-sleeve.

  Great work Anita and John.
  Many thanks to Shawn for allowing our merchandise managers to use your outstanding images.

  In addition, the 2018 RASC Calendars will be available soon.

– open position

  There is a need for a volunteer to take over the FOCUS newsletter position – or perhaps something similar. We are open to ideas. It could be a monthly or quarterly newsletter.    
  Give it some thought.

Gala 2018
-- Committee Meeting

  There will be a meeting of the 2018 Gala Committee on Sunday November 12. This will be a review of the 2017 Event and we will start the search for the 2018 Event speaker.
  All RASC-OC members are invited to attend and participate in the planning for the Dinner. The 2018 Gala will take place at the Kelowna Curling Club on Saturday May 26, 2018.
Interested in joining us? Contact David Hawkins: david-hawkins@shaw.ca
(don’t forget the hyphen!)


  If you are involved in any RASC related activity that you would like other members to be aware of then please email me.


Kelowna: Tuesday November 7, 2017

7:15pm. Okanagan College KLO Campus, Room C-368

 AGM – Voting for Elected Council Positions

  Richard Christie: "CERN an Update with Special Emphasis on Three Astrophysics Problems" "During this presentation we will review the history and status of CERN. The talk will also discuss three current unsolved problems critical to understanding the astrophysics of the Universe for which CERN might provide answers in the next decade(s). I will finish very briefly with how CHIME fits into all this amazing work and how it may solve the fourth of the major problems for understanding the Universe. You have to come out to the meeting and vote at our AGM to hear what I consider the four major problems facing astrophysics at the Universe scale are and how each problem may be solved within our lifetimes."

Please see the RASC-OC website for meeting updates and further details. www.ocrasc.ca/meetings.html


  The club website is updated with a view to providing everything you ever wanted to know about RASC-OC. As well as Outreach and many other club activity pages, the “What's Up” page provides heads up notes of what is in the sky nights. The “About Us” page links to the club Library and other services.
Website: www.ocrasc.ca


with Mark Force and Sharon Carter

 – by Jim Kanester

  These challenges give some direction to our observing and a good reason to get outside to look at the night sky, either alone or with friends and family.
  A Shortcut to the October 2017 Challenges:
• Easy: Variable Star Algol
• Difficult: NGC 1499 – The California Nebula


  Check out the webpage. www.okanaganobservatory.ca
  Friday public viewings nights. There is snow and cold weather in the forecast so the end of public viewing for 2017 is near.
  To find out if the Public Viewing Night is a Go/No-Go, call the Okanagan Observatory Event Line after 3pm on Friday afternoons: 250-300-8759.
  RASC-OC Members may use the observatory site at any time they choose. However, members must advise one of the security team before proceeding to the observatory so the alarms can be turned off in advance.


  Another great reason to join in!
  The Google Discussion Group is a real-time link between members of our RASC-OC meeting groups. A message might give you a heads-up on a new celestial phenomenon, an alert about an Outreach event you could take part in or other timely news.
Contact: Guy Mackie guy.m@shaw.ca


David Hawkins david-hawkins@shaw.ca