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365 Starry Nights
3D Star Maps
A Brief History of Time
A Complete Manual of Amateur Astronomy
A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets
A Manual of advanced celestial photography
A Primer for Star-Gazers
A Starhopper's Guide to Messier Objects
All About Telescopes
Alpha & Omega
Amateur Astronomers Handbook
Amateur Astronomy
Amateur Telescope Making (books 1,2,3)
An Easy Pocket Star Guide for Beginners
An Introduction to Experimental Astronomy
An Introduction to the Study of Stellar Structure
Apollo (ten years since Tranquility base)
Astronomical Photometry
Astronomy and Cosmology
Astronomy for All Ages
Astronomy Made Simple
Astronomy with Binoculars
Astronomy, From the Earth to the Universe
Astronomy, Macmillan Field Guides
Astronomy: Structure of the Universe
Astrophotography, 2nd edition
Astrophysical Formulae
At the Edge of the Universe
Atoms, Stars and Nebulae
BAA Star Charts
BAA Star Charts
Big Bang
Black Holes and Baby Universes
Black Holes and the Universe
Build You Own Telescope
Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes (Vol 1,2)
Comets Creators and Destroyers
Cosmic Discovery
Cosmic Dust: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Cosmic Rays
Cosmology +1
Deep Sky Objects
Deep-Sky Objects for Binoculars
Deep-Sky Observing with Small Telescopes
Edmund May 5 Star Atlas
Evolution of Stars and Galaxies
Exploration of the Universe
Exploring the Earth and the Cosmos
Exploring the Earth and the Moon
Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars (Small book)
Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars
Falkauer Photographic Star Atlas (Vol 1&2) (Large books)
Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses
Full Moon
Galaxies and the Universe
Galaxies and the Universe
General Relativity
Handbook for Star Trackers
Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
How the Universe Works
How to Build a Dobsonian Telescope
How to Build a Dobsonian Telescope
How to Build Your Own Observatory
How to Make a Telescope
How to Use an Astronomical Telescope
How to Use Your Telescope
Hubble Space Telescope
In Quest of Quasars
Introduction to Special Relativity
Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Journey to the Stars
Looking Up, A History of the RASC
Lunar Atlas
Messier's Nebulae and Star Clusters
Moon Missions
Moon Observer's Guide (small book)
Moons and Planets, 2nd Ed
Mounting Your Telescope
Nearby Galaxies Atlas
New Frontiers in Astronomy
New Guide to the Moon
New Worlds
Newtonian Notes
Nightwatch (out of order on bookshelf due to size)
Norton's Star Atlas
Observing the Constellations
Observing Variable Stars
Observing Visual Double Stars
Other Worlds
Pale Blue Dot
Particle Physics in the Cosmos
Peterson Field Guide to the Stars and Planets (small book)
Peterson First Guides 'Astronomy' (small book)
Photography with your Telescope
Popular Astronomy
Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator (small book)
Pulsar Astronomy
Radio Astronomy for the Amateur
Red Giants and White Dwarfs
Reveling the Universe
Seeing the Sky
Seeing the Solar System
Sky Atlas 2000 Deluxe Edition
Sky Scanner (small book)
Space Time Structure
Spaceport USA
Standard Book for Telescope Making
Standard Handbook for Telescope Making
Star & Planet Spotting
Star 'A Golden Nature Guide'
Stars and Planets
Stars and Planets
Stars and Planets
Stars of the Southern Hemisphere
Stellar Structure & Evolution
Stephen Hawking's Universe
Telescope Optics
Telescopes You Can Build
The Amateur Astronomer's Catalog
The Astronomers
The Astronomers Sourcebook
The Astronomical Companion (large book)
The Backyard Astronomer's Guide
The Big Bang Never Happened
The Cambridge Deep-Sky Album
The Cambridge Photographic Atlas of the Planets
The Constellations
The Cosmological Distance Ladder
The Creation of Matter
The Depths of the Universe
The Dobsonian Telescope
The Edmund Sky Guide
The Extragalactic Distance Scale
The Finest Deep-Sky Objects (small book)
The Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics
The Glass Giant of Palomar
The Great Comet Crash
The Guide to Amateur Astronomy
The Mathematical Theory of the Black Hole
The Messier Album
The Meteorites of Alberta
The Milky Way
The New Astronomy and Space Science Reader
The New Solar System
The Observers Handbook, years 1988 through 1999
The Perfect Machine
The Planetary Report (Planetary Society)
The Romance of Astronomy
The Solar System
The Star Book
The Star Guide
The Stars Belong to Everyone
The Universe from your back yard
The Universe at Your Fingertips
The Universe in the Classroom ASP #38 Second Quarter 1997
The Universe of Galaxies
The Varieties of Scientific Experience
The Whole Shebang
Theory of Neutron Star Magnetospheres
Time-Life Voyage through the Universe Series "Galaxies, Stars, The Far Planets, and Life Search
Touching the Earth
Touring the Universe through Binoculars
Touring the Universe through Binoculars
Universe Guide to Stars and Planets (small book)
Unusual Telescopes
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observers Handbook Vol 1 Double Stars
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observers Handbook Vol 2 Planetary & Gaseous Nebulae
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observers Handbook Vol 3 Open and Globular Clusters
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observers Handbook Vol 4 Galaxies
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observers Handbook Vol 6 Anonymous Galaxies
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observers Handbook Vol 7 The Southern Sky
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observers Handbook Vol 8 Variable Stars
What's Out There
White Holes
Whitney's Star Finder

Stars in Your Sky
Philips' Planisphere
Philips' Planisphere
Philips Planisphere (leather and cardboard, fairly rugged)
The Night Sky
Alpha 2 Starfinder

Deep Map 600
A Chart of the Heavens

A Sidewalk Astronomer
Audio Tour Guide for Navigating the Night Sky
Beyond the Solar System
Comet Collision
Death of a Star
Death Star
Einstein Revealed
Einstein's Beautiful Equation
Experiencing Hubble
Eyes on the Skies
Gemini Observatory Virtual Tour
Hawaiian Starlight
If We Had No Moon
Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking
Merritt Astronomical Society 2008 Fall Star Quest (5 copies)
NASA - On the Shoulders of Giants, 25 years
NASA - 50 Years of Space Exploration
NASA - The Ultimate Space Experience
Runaway Universe
Savage Sun
The Day the Earth Nearly Died
The Elegant Universe
The Universe
Our Night Sky

Magazines (Special Editions)
Beautiful Universe 2004
Beautiful Universe 2005
Beautiful Universe 2006
Beautiful Universe 2007
Beautiful Universe 2008
Beautiful Universe 2009
Beautiful Universe 2010
Beautiful Universe 2011
Beautiful Universe 2012
Hubble's Greatest Pictures
Space 50 years and counting
Spectacular Universe

Life, Barnstorming the Moon      
Life, The Eclipse      
Life, To the Moon and Back, Special Edition     

 Astronomical Calendar 1998      
Astronomical Calendar 1999      
Astronomical Calendar 2000

Youth Library
3D Star Maps      
A Look at Comets      
Alternate Worlds      
Beakman's World      
Children's Atlas of the Universe      
Close Encounters      
Deep Space Astronomy      
Death From Space      
Don't Know Much About Space      
Earth and the Moon      
Earth's Place in Space      
First on the Moon      
Floating in Space      
Full Moon Rising      
Galileo's Treasure Box      
Home on the Moon      
Introducing Stephen Hawking      
Is Anybody Out There      
On the Shuttle      
Plate Tectonics      
Project Apollo       
Rescuing Einstein's Compass       
Rockets, Probes and Satellites       
Science Fair Projects       
See the Stars       
Space Quiz Masters       
Space Exploration       
Space Shuttle       
Space Shuttle       
Space Travelers       
Stars and Planets       
Stephen Hawking for Beginners       
Sun, Moon and Stars       
Super Science Fair Projects       
The Illustrated Dictionary of Space       
The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Space       
The Kingfisher Young People's Book of the Universe       
The Majesty of the Heavens       
The Moon       
The Moon       
The Mystery of Mars       
The Solar System
 The Solar System       
The Solar System, An A-Z Guide       
The Solar System and the Stars       
The Story of Flight       
The Sun       
The Sun       
The Way the Universe Works       
The World of Astronomy       
Touchdown Mars       
Uranus: The Sideways Planet       
What is a Shooting Star?       
When the Sun Dies       
Will Black Holes Devour the Universe?       
Wonderful World of Space    

Science Fiction
5 Galaxy Short Novels      
Across the Zodiac      
Being Alien      
Giants' Star      
Imperial Earth      
Nebula Award Stories, Number 2      
Red Mars      
Star Trek, Day of Honor      
Star Wars      
The Forever Man      
The Martian Chronicles      
The Sentinel