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RASC OK Centre
Hybrid Zoom and in-person Meeting

RASC - Okanagan Centre

Tuesday, September 13, 2022  7.30pm

- In Person Meeting: 

The in-person meeting will take place in the Science Building, Room C-368 at the Okanagan Campus on KLO Road in Kelowna

- Zoom Meeting:

Will be broadcast with log-on information, the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting to be emailed by Pres. Allen Royston before the meeting 

COTM Short Talk: 

Ananda Thomlinson, RASC Youth Member
'Kelowna's Solar System Adventure'

Main Presentation: 

Colleen O'Hare
'3D Printing for Astronomy and Outreach'

With 3D printers becoming all the rage,  it is now possible to print whatever you need to enhance your observing sessions or outreach events. Colleen will do a quick walk-through on what it takes to do a print, the software that is used and the many, many things that you can make. Colleen will also be showing some of the things that she has made for our outreach events.


Visitors are welcome, and can obtain the link by emailing our President well in advance at

Please note that meetings for the rest of the year will be hybrid...  
In-person and Zoom

Mark your calendar for the following meeting dates: 

[all at 7:30 pm]

Oct 11, 2022
Nov 8 2022
Dec 6, 2022