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Okanagan Centre RASC
Picture of the Month

  Every month the RASC OC Picture of th Month panel of Richard Christie and Frank Stariha will select a 'Picture of the Month'  which will be featured on the front of our website home page. The general guidelines are that the pictures/sketches should be astro-oriented, and that once being chosen for a POM the photographer/artist would not be eligible for another POM for the following two months, except in the case of no other new images/sketches being posted.
  The photo or sketch will be selected from any of the more recent Okanagan Centre member images posted on the Zenfolio Image Gallery.  The competition is open to any sort of astro-photo (conjunction, solar, deep sky, moon rise etc.) or sketch done by an Okanagan Centre member.

  When you upload a new image to your Zenfolio gallery, be sure to alert the Zenfolio moderator Dave Gamble at trailspublishing@telus net  so it will be in the running.

  If you would like some inspiration, look for examples from among our other Zenfolio Gallery pictures here.